Skreens Video Walls

screenz screen in a box

Cost Effective
There is no longer any need to hang separate screens to display each source.  Using Skreens new video wall we can display 4 video sources and a built in web browser on one display in a variety of configurations.  

TV and Web Content
Use any combination of HDMI sources - cable / satellite boxes, bluray players, computers, videogames, video cameras, live websites and more.

Creating and Working With Layouts

At the core of all Skreens products is the concept of ‘layouts.’  Layouts can be thought of as a situational positioning of the inputs (via HDMI) and/or web pages on a display, along with an associated background image.  A Skreens box can store virtually an unlimited number of layouts.

Layouts are created using a tablet app or computer connected to the device via a web-page and are stored locally on each box and can be changed at any time.