This was a great project that turned out perfectly!  We installed a 120in motorized Screen Innovations projector screen, Epson projector, and Sonos Playbar into a new conference room @ a downtown office.  

We went with the Slate screen material option because of it's light absorbing qualities.  This material allows for an image to be clearly projected on to it in full light with no loss in picture quality.  The screen automatically drops everytime the projector is activated and recesses when it is powered down.  A simple solution any employee can come in and use intuitively. 

Sound is handled by a ceiling mounted Sonos Playbar that fills the room nicely and can be used for backround music when there is not an ongoing presentation.

Finally, we used an iPad with a table dock running Control4 to control the room.  The user simply picks up the iPad, selects what they would like to do, and the Control4 processor takes over.  Simplicity is key when multiple different users will be running the system.  When the presentation is done, the presenter hits the off button, drops the iPad back on the dock and walks away.