Bathroom LCD HDTV Wall Mounted

Absolutely my favorite phone call. Can we put a TV in a bathroom? Of course we can. This little beauty was wall mounted with concealed wires running through back wall to components in a closet. Call it a home theater install or a bathroom theater... Read more

55” Samsung LCD HDTV Over a Fireplace in Austin

This Samsung was part of a total home theater makeover. We not only sourced the components, we also installed them. It’s the convenience of one call. We beat Best Buy by over 30% on this particular job. We pride ourselves on being local and... Read more

Fireplace Plasma HDTV Install in Lakeway

Home theaters are about useability and just a little wow factor. We definitely got that here with a 65” plasma tilt mounted over the fireplace with the center channel of a 5.1 Sony surround sound system centered underneath. It’s a great... Read more

Sony LCD HDTV Install in Cedar Park

Wow. This Sony LCD looks great between two windows. It took just a little work on the home theater install front to really streamline this recent remodel. The Sony was up and the wall with the wires hidden in just about an hour. Our techs will... Read more

JVC LCD HDTV Wall Mount Installation

We mounted this JVC LCD in the living room of a home in Austin. This was a pretty simple home theater install. We concealed a 5.1 surround sound system in the cabinet below. The cable box is easily accessible on top. The family was so excited to... Read more

60” Samsung HDTV over a fireplace in Circle C

This 60” Samsung HDTV was installed over the mantel of a fireplace. A tilting wall mount was used to cut the glare and get the optimum viewing angle. This is essential when the TV becomes the focal point in the room and of the home theater... Read more

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