We founded Hifi Install in Austin, TX because of the unmatched sense of entrepreneurship, independence, and growth that we discovered here. We operate with the notion that minimalism combined with simplicity,leads to elegance and usability. Hifi Install has a dedicated network of local artisans and contractors, backed by national distributors. Our undending passion for eduaction and new technology means that we are always on the cutting edge. We are passionate about design with many of our influences coming from our home in the upper midewest, like Brooks Stevens, Charles and Ray Eames, and Frank Llloyd Wright.

About Dustin

Dustin Gaedtke grew up near Lake Michigan in Fredonia, WI. He studied design at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee before managing event infrastructure with the PGA of America. Dustin put his natural ability as a craftsman to work in the South in the last decade  rebuilding the devestation of several hurricanes before coming to Austin, TX. An avid collector of blues and blues based rock, Dustin is entrenched in the local media scene.

About Colin

Originally from Brookfield, WI Colin Groom studied philosophy at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee before training to be a sommelier. He has worked in wine in Napa and Portland before relocating to Austin to start Hifi Install with college friend Dustin Gaedtke. An early adopter of digital media, Colin has always been excited at stretching the bounds of integration.